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The Witch Ring

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When Shadrak the Unseen steals a magical ring from one wizard on behalf of another, his life quickly goes from bad to worse.

Before he can deliver the ring, an invisible thief snatches it from him, and flees to the city of Jeridium.

Soon, everyone and his dog has designs on the ring, but its promise of power leads only to disillusionment and death, and the ring is revealed for what it really is:

A snare for the unsuspecting.

A lure that leads to the undead clutches of the Witch Queen of Tho-Agoth.
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Best Laid Plans


The Codex of Her Scars


The Unweaving


Curse of the Black Axe


The Archon's Assassin


Mountain of Madness


Land of Nightmare


Last of the Exalted


Signed hardcover: Sword of the Archon


Fate of the Dwarf Lords