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Blood Trail

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"The world-building is impressive."  (S.R. Manev)

When a powerful demon crosses the Farfall Mountains, the task of tracking and slaying it falls to a man not expected to succeed:

Jebediah Skayne, lothario, hustler, hunter of nightmares.

Jeb follows the demon's "blood trail" to the fishing town of Portis, where it vanishes. All that remains are the demon's leftovers: corpses, half-dressed, killed in the throes of passion. 

Forced to rely on more mundane methods of investigation, Jeb uncovers a town rife with corruption, where a man will kill you for looking at a woman the wrong way.

A town where his own inner demons can no longer hide. 

"Prior consistently writes high quality, layered, adult fantasy." (Melinda LeBaron)
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Best Laid Plans


Tomb of the Witch Queen


Skull of the Lich Lord


Land of Nightmare


Signed hardcover: The Codex of Her Scars


The Unweaving


The Codex of Her Scars


Sword of the Archon ebook


The Witch Ring


Fate of the Dwarf Lords